Galactic Pegasus


Galactic Pegasus is best described as a progressive metalcore band from British Columbia, Canada. Their sound is mostly influenced by metalcore from the late 2000’s in addition to the more modern djent movement. By combining these two main influences, along with many others from each member, Galactic Pegasus has been able to create their own unique sound. The band was originally formed in 2012 as a solo project by founding member Andrew Baena. After receiving show offers, it was converted into a full-fledged band that now has two EPs, a full length album, and a cross-Canada tour under their belt.

Their latest album ‘Phantom Of The Hill’ is the band's first full length album. It is also their first release featuring Johnny Ciardullo. Johnny joined the band early 2015 and has been a huge part of the writing process for this album. In addition to this, all of the clean vocals are performed by him, instead of having guest vocals by Brian Storm like the last two EPs. All of the guitars, bass, and effects on this album were recorded by Cooper Lagace. After recording the stringed instruments and programming the drums, synths, and effects, it was then sent over to Mark McKitrick at Rain City Recorders. All of the vocals were recorded at Rain City Recorders, and the album was mixed there as well. Finally, the album was sent to Alex Stap to be mastered. Phantom Of The Hill features lyrical content that attempts to share dualities with human life. It’s themes vary between bold and literal such as love and life decisions, to more abstract metaphysical and existential themes.


Vocals / Andrew Hockley

Guitars / Andrew Baena

Guitars / Cooper Lagace

Bass / Johnny Ciardullo

Drums / Travis Regnier




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